1st State Baseball Co. uses four different types of wood when creating our bats.

Ash bats, Birch bats, Maple bats and MLB grade Maple bats. 

(not all bats are available in all above wood)

We offer virtually every style bat.

ALL bats are made here in the USA. 

1st State Baseball Co. offers high quality wooden bats. Unfortunately, with wooden bats there are no guarantees. The better you care for your bat, the longer it will last.   

Purchase and delivery:

Delivery time is 3-7 business days within the continental US.

Shipping costs apply. 

Here at 1st State we offer a bulk discount for orders of 6 or more bats.

6-12 bats receives %10 off

13 or more receives %15 off

*Please contact us for all bulk orders. 


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